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Direct Fresh was born because Sam and Mishal were frustrated shopping for groceries in Dhaka.  The process of searching for fresh, interesting, and safe ingredients meant  an exhausting, time-consuming scavenger hunt down crowded aisles filled with unappetizing and often expired products. Trips to the market or grocery store led to outrage at the price of imported products and fear that our food--from bananas, mangoes, and tomatoes to meat, fish, and poultry--might have been treated with carbide or formalin to “preserve” their “freshness.


At Direct Fresh, we promise to offer our customers the best ingredients from all over the world.  Most importantly, we guarantee that all of our products are 100% free of formalin, carbide, and other industrial carcinogens, and that we take care of your food from its source to your doorstep with the latest in cold-chain and smart-logistics technology. 


Direct Fresh is a game changer for Bangladesh's shoppers and cooks alike, focusing on high-quality premium ingredients, excellent prices, and superior customer service.  Become a Direct Fresh Foodie today, and join our movement to make shopping and cooking in Dhaka easier, less stressful, and more delicious!